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About us

Solarmerchant is a huge and well-experienced company that has been working in the solar system business for several years. Our initial goal was not to run the save-the-world project, but above all, to bring prosperity and freedom to life of everyone. Our mission is to  free society from pollution, replacing conventional energy sources with  the new natural energy of the sun.

What is solar energy? Many of you have heard about it before, but nowadays this kind of energy is becoming more popular and applicable among this current generation. We can say that solar energy is the energy of today and the future of the entire planet earth. The current energy sources are not so efficient; it is assumed that one day they will be depleted. However, solar energy can serve as much as the sun will exist, for millions of years to come. Solar energy is considered almost irreplaceable in many fields of science and practice.

We offer a top-of-the-line product selection that is somehow related to solar energy. We sell solar panel, kits and some of them come with additional elements such as battery backed CCTV cameras,  chargers, generators, breakers, charge controllers, inverters, cables and others.

Solar panels are divided into Off-grid and Grid-tied ones. Our off-grid solar packages provide the customer with the opportunity to build their own power plant in any location they choose, both inside and outside the city, as off-grid systems operate autonomously, without connecting to the electrical network. The grid-tied systems are more appropriate for immovable property, due to the fact that they are charged by electricity also. Thus, we provide everyone with a free choice of what type of solar system is best suited in a particular personal case.

Our company has grown from a small business to a large organization. Each member of our highly-qualified and long-term experienced team has contributed to the project. Some have brought their brilliant knowledge and ideas; others have helped us with their skills and abilities. Moreover, we are open to everyone, who wants to become a member of the company. Here is our online store on this huge trading platform. We are constantly looking for new opportunities for cooperation that will take all of us including you one step up.

All products you purchase come with an original manufacturer’s warranty and a permanent technical support option. Delivery is free of charge for some products. Our company also offers a top-notch support service that instantly responds to any request, and keeps to be in touch even after the sale. More information about our products and services can be found in the relevant tabs of the website. Enjoy the maximum benefits of our unique products and services as you subscribe to our newsletters and offers. We wish you happy shopping.

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